McCalpin Sunroom Project

Day one at the McCalpin Sunroom Project starts with some downhome demolition; certainly the most anticipated, instantly gratifying and absolutely terrifying  part for clients.

Breaking ground on Wilson swimming pool addition

Breaking ground out at the Wilson swimming pool addition we designed!  The iconic concrete walls are well underway and we’ll start framing next week.  We’re trying to decide if it’ll be safe to swim in the pool during construction;)  We were able to get the electricians to do a temporary hookup of the exterior new hot tub.  The clients are very pleased they can sit in the tub and watch the construction!  They even referred to us as “fairy godmothers”.

Trimble sunroom project is now complete

Our Trimble sunroom project is now complete.  It looks spectacular in the sun, but we’re waiting on that “sunny day” to take professional photographs of the space.  With a special assembly of insulation and low VOC paints it’s about as sustainable as an addition can be.  We were able to reuse the majority of the existing deck and just clean up the detailing by adding cable rails.

Climbing Wall Project at Kids Discovery Museum

Drop by the the KiDiMu to see the landscaping and climbing structures we’re designing and installing.  The handles went on the rock climbing wall today and we have a huge sun/rain sail that will be stretched over it in a couple of weeks.  We also redesigned all the landscaping to open the space up for play!  Special thanks to our sister company “Harvesterra” for designing and installing the landscaping components.1655891_10152541445374027_593253973_n

Susie Burdick

“The climbing wall is a magnet!  Everyone is talking about it.  People who see it from Avalara or BIMA come over to visit and ask about it.  They talk about how cool it looks driving up to the Museum and are so impressed with what is being planned for that space.  It’s also been bringing in climbers who want to see the newest climbing wall.  And we always talk about our partners – an anonymous wonderful donor, 2atara, Island Rock Gym and Harvesterra.

You guys nailed this with your ideas.  This is really going to make a positive impact on the Museum and the community.  We’re already planning a summer camp – Mini Mountaineers – to learn about geology and climbing and Dave Green (from IRG and 2atara) wants to teach with us!

I hope you guys know how deeply you’re making our community a better place and how grateful we are that you’re on this planet and part of KiDiMu.”

Susie BurdickExecutive Director of

Learn more about our involvement in the construction of the Kids Discovery Museum here.

Collaboration with Harvesterra

We collaborate with Harvesterra landscaping design and installation on most of our projects.  This image shows a great new project that will fill out nicely in the spring.  Harvesterra likes to focus on edible landscaping — which has become very popular in the last few years.  In addition they are all trained landscape architects so are great with hardscape designs and “wouldn’t want to eat it” softscapes too!  Call either of our firms for free concept designs.