• 2aPod

    At 98 square feet, it contains everything needed to live simply and comfortably!

2aPod by 2atara Design

We designed this contemporary, sustainably focused cottage to be a cozy and compact dwelling space for one or two people. At 98 square feet (that’s the size of a small bedroom!), it contains everything needed to live simply and comfortably!

Available fully fitted out, just the shell, or in other combinations that increase the square footage — you can have one too.

The Scoop

This tiny house is most comfortable for one person, but the twin bed is on sliders and can be converted into a full bed for two people. The super insulated panels and radiant heat cork flooring will keep you toasty in the winter months.

The bathroom contains a composting toilet and a shower with a small energy efficient hot water heater — your showers must be short.

The galley kitchen contains a small sink, fridge, induction cook top, and microwave oven.

The roof is designed for optional solar panels and collects runoff in one of the two tanks for use in the house — the other tank contains the gray water filtration system for the sink and shower.

The unit is designed to be shipped in 4 foot by 10 foot sections — simply bolt together and unbolt when it’s time to relocate.

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General Features

  • Just 98 square feet — the size of a small bedroom!
  • Contemporary compact design to fit any site with any orientation
  • Designed as a guest house but can be used as an office or studio space
  • 4’ x 10’ panels for ease in moving, assembly, knockdown and reassemble
  • Panelized unit so you can even install on sites with zero stagining area — no cranes required!
  • Constructed with durable materials — built to last multiple lifetimes
  • Clerestories and window walls let in lots of natural light
  • Movable exterior privacy screens
  • Floor plan is such that you can put two units back-to-back  or side-to-side
  • Interior fit-out options depending on your useage
  • Single bed on sliders allowing it to quickly convert to full-size bed


  • Hardi-board panels
  • Metal roof
  • Paperfaced plywood interior wall and ceiling panels
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Caulk flooring
  • Apple ply cabinets and casework

Green Features

  • Sits on 4×4 skids for minimal site disturbance
  • Super insulated wall, roof, and floor panels
  • No VOC paints
  • No added urea-formeldehyde cabinets
  • Bathroom with composting toilet  and gray water shower
  • Option of being off-grid with solar panels
  • Low flow energy efficient on demand hot water tank
  • Rapidly renewable caulk flooring
  • Movable exterior privacy screens that control heat gain where it matters
  • Water harvesting tank
  • Water filtration tank
  • Clerestory windows let in lots of natural light and passively heat building
  • Triple paned window, this unit stays comfortable with body heat, supplemented by radiant heat flooring.
  • Insulated interior shades
  • Rechargeable wireless LED lights
  • Designed to work on a single 120volt/20amp circuit

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