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Ale House Update 6.24.14

Tenant improvements at the new Alehouse on Winslow Way have everyone who passes by stopping for a stare. A sleek modern design coupled with industrial finishes give this Alehouse that feel of a functioning brewery while providing patrons with the comforts of the community local pub.

McCalpin Sunroom Project

Day one at the McCalpin Sunroom Project starts with some downhome demolition; certainly the most anticipated, instantly gratifying and absolutely terrifying  part for clients.

Breaking ground on Wilson swimming pool addition

Breaking ground out at the Wilson swimming pool addition we designed!  The iconic concrete walls are well underway and we’ll start framing next week.  We’re trying to decide if it’ll be safe to swim in the pool during construction;)  We were able to get the electricians to do a temporary hookup of the exterior new […]